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Advent IM launches MySecurityManager

Advent IM Ltd – the UKs leading independent, holistic security consultancy, today announced the launch of their new outsourced security service; MySecurityManager.

Many businesses and organisations understand the need for robust security management. Given the amount of column inches, both in print and online, devoted to data security breaches alone; it isn’t difficult to appreciate the importance of good, well managed policy.  We know that part of the solution can come from the use of technology, but technology only works at its optimum level when it is part of a solid strategy, which in turn is part of an organisation’s culture.

The cost of creating or maintaining a full time Security Manager role within an organisation can be challenging. Often the expertise required to build, implement and educate-in good policy is not available to many SME’s.   But risk appetite is not generally commensurate with budget so what is an SME to do?

Advent IM Ltd has today introduced packaged solutions to suit most organisational security management needs. This selection of outsourced security packages, are a mixture of onsite presence, project management and email support. Because they are scalable and flexible, the service you buy will be appropriate to your organisation’s needs, therefore offering excellent value for a business where budget is not currently available to resource a full time Security Manager. Being a fixed price means that there are no nasty surprises or hidden costs.

The benefits of using such a service include; a pool of experts with many years’ experience – this level of expertise may normally be beyond budget; no need to recruit or train; no National Insurance; no sick pay; no holiday pay and many other important cost savings.

 Advent IM’s Managing Director,Mike Gillespie said,

            “Now every business can benefit from the huge amount of expertise that  our consultancy clients have long had access to and benefitted from.  Offering flexibility mixed with capability, MySecurityManager

is a must for any organisation that seeks an efficient and effective means  of closing that security knowledge gap”

Details of the service can be found on the Advent IM website or by contacting the team.