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After reading a discussion on Linkedin in the Lexcel group, entitled, “The Death of Lexcel” and asking the legal brains on Deferolaw.comwhat they thought about this, I thought it might be interesting to have a look at Lexcel in the context of ISO 27001.

The reason for this is that we have noticed an increased interest and uptake in this accreditation in the legal professions and so the discussion topic intrigued me as I wondered if there was any correlation. Whilst they are not competing accreditations, I can see some areas where there is a definite relationship.

Incidentally, whilst I thought it was a great attention grabbing topic headline, the Death of Lexcel would appear to be somewhat exaggerated…

ISO 27001 potentially maps across some areas and a practice with Lexcel may have the ‘nucleus’ to build on for this accreditation.

The Lexcel standard is very practice and client-focussed and has…

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