Advent IM Security for Schools

Not everyone has heard about “Hacker Mum” yet. It’s a bit of a misnomer actually but the story goes like this – last month a woman, who had once been a secretary at the school her kids attended, was charged with nefariously accessing that school’s grades system to change their grades – upward obviously. While she was there, she had a look at some Human Resources areas and emails too. 

The Mum with the Dragon Tattoo?

Did she hack her way in like some character in a Hollywood blockbuster, dodging high level encryption, finding back doors and generally being a criminal, IT mastermind? Erm, no she used someone else’s login and password credentials. So not so much “Hacker Mum” as plain old “Opportunistically Dodgy Mum” then.

Now is as good a place as any to establish which part of the insider threat we are discussing here. Basically, this threat…

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