New White Paper now available – University Safety & Security: The factor of differentiation?

A new White Paper from Senior Advent IM Security Consultant, Paul Smith MSc MSyI is now available to download free from the Advent IM website.

Funding for universities has been cut by government and the hike in student fees has resulted in students reconsidering whether a degree course is in their best interest.  So in the competition to attract students, can individual universities find a business advantage to provide that crucial differentiator between their establishment and a similar university?

The provision of safety and security is not consistent across the higher education sector.  Some universities embrace the benefits of establishing a security culture and providing an overt safety and security service, while others fear that overt security at a university gives the wrong impression. i.e. that there must be something wrong or crime must be prevalent.

If students are to attend university and it’s down to a choice between a number of universities that offer similar courses, research facilities and standards of accommodation, but one demonstrates a clear service advantage over the other, will it make the difference to the decision made by parents or students?

The White Paper considers this, together with other considerations regarding the provision of effective security for universities.


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