Security Skills Shortage – why?

ESG Research 83% of Enterprise (1,000 or more employees) organisations are are finding it ‘extremely difficult’ or ‘somewhat difficult’ to recruit security professionals currently.

It’s clear to see that security and Information Security are growing items on the Enterprise agenda. The realisation that Security staff are important for some key business enabling activities has been long-awaited by security professionals.

Security professionals can see the skill gap in what is currently available as in-house resource in many case vs. what is required to realise an organisation’s plans and enabling those plans to be carried through securely.

Click to see enlarged image

Having the budget or resource for an FTE devoted to Information Security for instance, which may be required in order to compete for certain kinds of tenders, may be beyond the capability of some organisations. Hence we see the growth in out-sourcing and buying in expertise in the visual above. Finding a way to compete in those tenders may be key to an organisations growth, but contract partners will only want ton contract with those they see as at least as security aware and prepared as they are. Given that the sharing of sensitive or confidential information may well be necessary, one can easily understand why this key business enabler is now a key focus for many organisations.


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