The Security Institute votes Advent IM Managing Director onto the Board of Directors.

From the Press Release:

Following voting by Security Institute members at their Annual General Meeting on March 26 2013, five new members of the Board of Directors were announced. One of those new Directors will be Mike Gillespie, Managing Director of the Independent Security Consultancy, Advent IM Ltd. 

The Security Insititute, Mike Gillespie, Advent IM Director

Mike Gillespie – Advent IM MD, newly elected Director for The Security Institute

“I am really excited to have been elected. I have so many ideas to share and am so thrilled to be able to be a part of the future of the Security Institute, which is in turn, the future of our profession.” Mike is a relative newcomer and considered his chances of election to be quite slim, “I was so pleased at being nominated in the first place, it was quite unexpected and felt like I had achieved something, so to actually get elected is a privilege.  I have been talking a lot about converging  Information Assurance (IA)  with the physical world and bringing cyber security to the forefront, but I will have to wait until I attend my first Director’s meeting in April and get my portfolio” 

The Board of Director’s next business will be to elect a Chairman.



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