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Breakfast Seminar Sept 26th 2013


Please email breakfastbriefings@corpssecurity  to reserve a place. If you could copy us in that would be really helpful.

Advent IM, Corps Security Seminar

Mike Gillespie Speaking on Cyber Security and Business

Effective Employee Monitoring Or Snooping?

Security for UK legal professionals

Monitoring employees for potential disciplinary reasons is a standard part of the HR role, however a lack of awareness of how to do this within ICO guidelines and Data Protection best practice could end up in a costly tribunal for employers. 

Do you monitor your employees? At a recent Employment Law Seminar1, I asked that question and hardly anyone showed hands. So I asked if anyone used CCTV, indoors or outdoors. I asked if their vehicles had trackers on them and if they did, were the vehicles allowed for personal use. I asked if they were allowed for personal use, did they switch the tracking off outside of business hours. I asked if internet use was monitored or restricted. Lastly I asked if they monitored phone or email use. I pointed out that even something installed for the safety and security of employees like CCTV is in…

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