Geography Lesson – a Cyber attack has no geography

stick_figure_pointing_north_america_image_500_clrThis morning’s security news bought the usual slew of stories on new products, advice and data breaches. One data breach that caught my eye was Maryland University. For reasons that will become clear I will be watching this unfold.

Maryland University has in the last few days suffered a massive data breach that has been characterised as a cyber attack. Normally I am wary of taking this at face value for the simple reason that language around security can sometimes be sloppy and someone using login credentials that that shouldn’t gets labelled as a cyber attack or hack. It is unhelpful and allows people to drift into the dangerous thought arena of ‘someone else’s problem, probably IT’…

This one is different because the university maintains it has excellent security and this this is unlike other breaches…

“Unlike some recent high-profile data breaches elsewhere, this university’s data breach did not occur as a result of a faulty preventative system or an IT mistake” said Brian Voss, the university’s vice president of information technology and chief information officer


The story is here if you would like to read it.

We will post any further developments that come to  light.

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