Treasury Solicitor’s Department falls foul of Data Protection Act

Security for UK legal professionals

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In summary, Whitehall’s largest legal department, the Treasury Solicitor’s Department iStock_000014878772Medium(TSol) has breached the DPA four times between 2011 and 2012. These breaches were not system glitches, hackers or any kind of technical failure. They were the result of human error and a failure in process. this may be due to a lack of awareness or possibly a training issue.

Processes will now have to be totally overhauled, as staff learn exactly what they are required to do when handling information. This can happen to any organisation of course but the ramifications in legal matters are very serious.

The ICO found that in three of the cases, papers relating to various pieces of litigation were sent out to the claimants’ solicitors, while still containing the personal information of third parties that should have been redacted. In the fourth case, a bundle of case papers…

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