ICO “Sounds the alarm” over escalating levels of law firm data breach

Security for UK legal professionals

istock_000011991144medium.jpgRather than issue financial  penalties, the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has opted for a subtler approach to law firm data breach. The information watchdog has the power to issue fines of up to £500k for serious breaches of the Data Protection Act but has chosen instead to issue a warning and reminder to law firms instead. This ‘warning shot across the bows’ comes after fifteen breaches over three months from UK law firms.

MP900175622The ICO has had its fair share of criticism when it comes to issuing financial penalties; many of those critics site the bias toward public bodies that have been singled out for fines. But this is a clear warning that the ICO has the personal data handlers of all sectors in its sights and fifteen breaches in three months is surely a trend that needs halting immediately.

Without a doubt, some of the information collected, stored, managed and…

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