Does Santa Have ISO28000?

During a festive office pondering, the topic of ISO28000 popped up. That might seem random to most people but this is Advent IM and you simply never know when a security standard might become pertinent.

ID-100298301In this instance we were discussing Santa; it being the season to be jolly etc. Here is a logistics expert and manufacturer (via Elves, obviously) with one of the most complex and dynamic supply chains one could imagine. He is a logistics supplier for parents as well as supporting his own goods; this is an assurance nightmare surely?!

So how do you secure your supply chain and offer assurance to key stakeholders that you have an evolved posture on transport security? ISO 28000 seems like a good option for Santa to consider and he can integrate with his ISO9001 and ISO14001 too!

Santa, if you’re reading this; the phone is always on the hook for you 🙂

Those with less complex supply chain, transport or logistic assurance needs may also benefit.

HoHoHo and Merry Christmas to you all.


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santa gifts


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