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Human error causes Limerick University data breach

Advent IM Security for Schools

This story comes from a University in Limerick, Ireland. It highlights yet again the need for stringent procedures around security of information in schools and colleges. In this case it looks like some highly personal information was emailed to the wrong person….

We try to encourage schools and colleges to be frank about where they need to layer their security when it comes to information. All too often it is made very easy for human error (and we have to acknowledge the very high levels of human failure that leads to breach if we are ever to do anything meaningful about it) to lead to highly sensitive and personal information to be so easily left vulnerable or abused.

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Another grade altering hack from a student…

Advent IM Security for Schools

The New York Times has reported on a sixteen year old student who repeatedly breached the security on his school’s records on his smart phone in order to bring his grades up.

One has to wonder how he gained the required logins for the internal network in the first place in order to access the areas he did…

Full story here  hopefully providing some further evidence for how important robust security policy and procedure is. Not all ‘hacks’ are hacks they are most frequently people making use of access they shouldn’t have had or login creds that they have been easily able to steal…

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